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dvd1_engl"Discover Your Groove 1.0".
Double-DVD / approx. time 160 min.
The first edition was released in 2009. This DVD was only available in German.
From today the second edition released in 2012 is available bilingual in English and German! "German (language) with English subtitles"
For beginners and pro’s!
Home-lessons for electric bass.

With scores and tabs. 20 songs and samples. Bass solo and duo together with Joachim K. Greve on drums.

"DISCOVER YOUR GROOVE 1.0 English & German edition"! The exceptional german bass player Markus Setzer will present in the most comprehensive way how you can exercise at home and improve your groove! Markus Setzer, is wellknown for his regular contributions "Bass Rudiments" and "Bass Masterclass" in the monthly issues of Gitarre&Bass, travelling throughout Europe performing Bass-Workshops and Masterclasses, founder and Head of the Bass-Akademie in Hamburg ( Take home the number-one bass-teacher from Germany! "Discover Your Groove 1.0" is a way to examine your "pocket”. Play and exercise together with Markus at home in a most comfortable manner.

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DISCOVER YOUR GROOVE 1.0 :: Markus Setzer, 'DISCOVER YOUR GROOVE 1.0' Instructionall-DVD, approx. time 160min. Featuring Joachim K. Greve on drums.

I installed a chapter called "Discover Your Groove - Online" on this Website. Here you can find additional bass-grooves, exercises and video-clips. Please gimme an Email if you are interessted in this hidden link!

German press reviews to "Discover Your Groove 1.0":

Gitarre&Bass: ... a must-have!

BassProfessor: … Markus Setzer … … the bass master...

Guitar: … we know for a long time that he is outstanding skillful.... absolutely recommendable!

BassQuarterly: … established methods and mature didactics … … a first-rate bass player… ...conclusion: utmost user-friendly!

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1. Introducing note values

2. Alternating between note values

3. Rhythm-pyramids

4. Changing note values per beat

5. Correct string muting on demand

6. Accents and dynamics

7. Exercises for keeping the tempo (preserving a tempo)

8. Exercises for building rhythmical independency / empowering rhythmical recognition

9. Exercises to connect your rhythmical foundation - get your inner rhythm into the groove!

10. Bass Groove Library


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